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Founded in 1982 as an investment holding company and a premium gift product dealer to the Panasonic group of companies. TAGO ventured into property development in Malaysia's golden 90's. It's ambition in this industry came into reality with the successful completion of the 58-acre TAGO Industrial Park in Sri Damansara. Subsequently, TAGO ventured into residential development and completed the exclusive Aman Bali bungalows project at Taman Rainbow, Jalan Ipoh.

TAGO aims to deliver quality homes as well as ideal spaces to cater for the needs of various individuals and businesses. Our mission is to build a reputation of distinction and reliability, to be a respectable developer with an edge over our competition. With this in mind, quality assurance and property owner's satisfaction is placed at utmost precedence in accordance to TAGO's principles of credibility, integrity and high standards. In our incessant strive for excellence, we put great efforts into the continuous improvement and growth of our company. TAGO's developments showcase our canon for perfection in their quality, artistic touches and prestige.